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Structuring your customer knowledge and developing your base
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Data science & AI
An online organic product retailer

Customer knowledge, based on a quantitative approach, can be used to structure not only marketing operations but also the financial steering of a client-centric company.

Relationship marketing is the main beneficiary of this, feeding into welcome, cross-selling, up-selling and retention programmes. Financial management uses the RFM segments to leverage the database, calculate the LTV and identify the highest-potential growth areas. Acquisition uses its work to determine the target CACs by lever (search, social, display, affiliation, etc.), thereby venturing into econometric rationales.

There are direct links with the review of the product catalogue and/or recommendation engine.

We helped our client to structure its customer knowledge. Our role consisted of:

  • Identifying the data sources: CRM, web analytics, product catalogue, etc.
  • Establishing the main observations and prioritising the most relevant analyses of the customer and product areas
  • Establishing statistically compelling rules regarding customer behaviours that are meaningful for the marketing teams (basket amounts, order frequencies, recency in the database, etc.)
  • Devising the strategy and the application cases for the development of the base
  • Automating dashboards and sharing the results


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