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TRAINING: Data, Phygital & Drive to Store
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Data Marketing

Understanding the possible measures between online and offline - Drive to store & Phygital.

Training Content

INTRODUCTION – Challenges & actors

[Phygital] Between innovation, data, customer experience & store productivity

  • What does it mean?
  • [Web to store] Web to store initiatives to save time for customers and salespeople
  • [Digital in store] Digital in store initiatives to enrich the experience and drive conversions
  • [Store to web] Store to web initiatives to digitalize customer relations

[Technology] Investments that deserve an appropriate measure: new technology or recycling one?

  • [Ad Tech] GAFAs, specialized agencies & data onboarders (almost) offer integrated solutions
  • [Mar Tech] The web analytics & custom datalake tools capitalize on your phygital paths
  • [Others] How can we do without GAFAs and phygital pathways? AB Geographic test and modelling
  • [Synthesis] What operational strategy should be adopted?

CONCLUSION – How to build its roadmap?


Our methods focus on practical feedbacks (market insights and illustrated use cases), organized around theoretical contributions.


Keynotes and theoretical contributions

Objective: Sharing common vocabulary and general principles, on business and technical points


Illustrated use cases

Objective: involving participants by projecting themselves into their daily lives, as employees or consumers


Market insights

Objective: Providing insights about the key players and figures in the ecosystem


Digital&Marketing Departments

From 1 to 8 participants 


3 hours


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