M13h is a consulting firm that draws on data expertise to serve your marketing ambitions

Our expertises


M13h was founded on a simple premise: marketing has become inextricably linked with technology and data.

New technologies are redefining the customer experience standard and disrupting established ecosystems.
To adapt, brands need hybrid experts: marketing technologists & scientists.

After building our track record with many clients by defining and implementing modern marketing strategies, we merged with the international digital marketing agency Labelium Group in 2018.

Either together or separately, we provide services to optimise marketing performances from end to end.

We share strong values of expertise, customer proximity and a results-oriented approach.

Meet passionate consultants
So why M13h
The name comes from the French for Tuesday 1 pm ("Mardi 13 heures"). Because Tuesday is the most productive day of the week? Because 13 is a lucky number? Because M13h is unpronounceable in English? Everyone has their own take on it. If you want ours, come to meet us


Why work with us?

Working at M13h above all means joining a team of driven consultants who know how to build bridges between brands' marketing challenges and the opportunities that technologies and data analysis provide.

It also means joining a fast-growing start-up and enjoying everything this environment has to offer:
versatile assignments, mutual support, an entrepreneurial spirit, rapidly assuming responsibilities, an approachable team, etc.

Lastly, joining M13h means sharing an ambition of strong growth in France and internationally,
while maintaining our values of simplicity and humility.

How can you join us?

Step one: think about whether the entrepreneurial drive described above strikes a chord with you or if you fit one (or several!) of the following roles:

Step two: apply in our careers area or send us an application at recrutement@m13h.com

Step three: if your application catches our eye, we'll get together!
The process usually begins with a short video interview. This is followed by two interviews and a case study

Marketing data consultant
Thematic expert
Marketing scientist


You can reach us by telephone on +33 1 88 32 81 47,
by email at bonjour@m13h.com or by completing the contact form.

You're also welcome to visit us at 3 rue d'Uzès, 75002 Paris for a coffee.
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