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When paired with a personalisation tool, a DMP lets you capitalise on visitor knowledge to provide a tailored experience. This requires good organisational and technological coordination to be successfully accomplished.


Our client, a digital newspaper, contacted us to roll out its DMP and its personalisation tool.

The main technological challenges involved were:

  • Managing real-time: Often, personalisation based on a DMP means waiting for a second viewed page or a revisit. In our case, the personalisation was full real time (i.e. personalisation on the page that triggered the entry in the DMP segment).
  • Managing conflicts between personalisations: we pushed product developments to facilitate the prioritisation of personalisations where a user belongs to several segments (prevent double triggers and flickering effects).

The main organisational challenges raised were:

  • Definition of rules to efficiently decide between the use of a personalisable location for monetisation versus merchandising
  • Team independence: production of guides and provision of half-business, half-technical training


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