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TRAINING: Introduction to data science
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Data science & AI

Understanding the key principles of data science.


Training Content

Section 1: The History of Analytics

  • The evolution of data storage & processing
  • From brick counting to data management


Section 2: From data management to artificial intelligence

  • Key concepts of data management: data collecting & modelling
  • The challenges of data visualisation tools
  • Advanced analytics & success factors
  • Machine Learning & artifical intelligence

This section is illustrated by various practical cases: Chatbot, Attribution & contribution, Prediction & predictive maintenance, Pattern identification, Neuronal networks


Section 3: Benchmarking of data visualisation tools


Section 4: Focus on functional architectures and enterprise organizations around data science



Our methods focus on practical feedbacks (market insights and illustrated use cases), organized around theoretical contributions.


Keynotes and theoretical contributions

Objective: Sharing common vocabulary and general principles, on business and technical points


Illustrated use cases

Objective: involving participants by projecting themselves into their daily lives, as employees or consumers


Market insights

Objective: Providing insights about the key players and figures in the ecosystem


Digital & Technical Departments


Up to 6 participants



3 hours


You can reach us by telephone on +33 1 88 32 81 47,
by email at or by completing the contact form.

You're also welcome to visit us at 3 rue d'Uz├Ęs, 75002 Paris for a coffee.
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