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Marketing data tools (CRM, CDP/DMP, data lake, ad servers) have resulted in a considerable flow of data accumulating. Each team has traditionally collected, structured and stored its data to view, monitor and steer its scope of actions, often in a siloed manner. To coordinate the various efforts with the aim of serving common objectives, de-siloing and restructuring all of the data sources is a major challenge, particularly for multi-country and multi-brand groups.


In this context, customers go back and forth between the website and the call centre to finalise their purchase.

Several tools and teams are involved in these customer journeys: acquisition, salespersons and relationship marketing.

We built customer journeys based on various data sources, then presented them in a dashboard giving each team a relevant view of their prism while at the same time ensuring cohesive overall steering.

Our role consisted of:

  • Collecting the sources from the various silos and producing an advanced model for calculating all of the KPIs of each of the operational teams, as well as those of top management
  • Building an intuitive visual representation that nevertheless provided the ability to navigate down to the finest levels of detail

This project provided our client with a single management tool that met the needs of each team, thereby delivering a centralised vision of customer journeys and accelerating decision-making.


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