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Reconstructing personalised attribution models
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Data Marketing

In a multichannel or omnichannel digital activation rationale, challenges around understanding the customer journey are becoming increasingly strategic, primarily due to multiple touchpoints.

In addition to reconstructing customer journeys, attribution helps to answer a financial question that many advertisers ask themselves: am I investing the right media budget in my levers? How do I optimise my media mix to improve my performances?


We assisted our client with the challenge of its existing attribution model. Our role consisted of:

  • Collecting and reconciling raw data from the various ad-centric and site-centric tools
  • Producing a data model for comparing several attribution models, combined with analyses
  • Defining a roadmap presenting the handover with the teams and switching from a deterministic to probabilistic model in order to ingest other marketing signals such as offline advertising pressure

This study uncovered three key points:

  • Revaluing contributing levers
  • Understanding a new customer's journey
  • Optimising the existing media mix


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