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Combining GDPR, IAB Framework and programmatic consent
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Organisation & compliance
A major media company

The introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 had a dual business and legal impact for media sites, particularly due to user consent for data collection and processing.

Significant disruptions to programmatic exchanges (e.g. Google's sudden discontinuation of the purchase of certain inventories) occurred among players that weren't able to convey valid consent signals. Furthermore, after the publication of the IAB Framework to standardise the collection and transmission of consent in a programmatic environment, many vendors came under pressure from their technology partners to quickly implement a consent management platform (CMP) that complies with the framework.


Our client contacted us to:

  • Evangelise internally about the IAB Framework and CMPs
  • Produce a competitive benchmark of the legal collection databases used by competitors, any CMPs used and their implementation validity
  • Identify a pool of CMP vendors to contact as part of an RFP and conduct the latter
  • Provide support in the launch of a PoC with the winning bidder


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