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Mobilising a multidisciplined marketing, data and technical team to ensure reliable rollouts
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The ever-more advanced technological capabilities of data marketing tools create considerable opportunities for business lines. This goes hand-in-hand with at-times complex and time-consuming rollouts, which may cause participants to lose sight of business usages and may create disappointment once a tool has been deployed. A structured and properly divided framework means that the rollout and the first business developments can be carried out side by side, thereby ensuring uptake by the various business lines.


Following a call for tenders, we helped our client to roll out and run a DMP, web analytics and attribution tool. The scoping for the roll-out phase enabled us to identify several lots and macro-parameters:

  • Repatriation of various data sources (CRM, browsing, marketing responsiveness)
  • Configuration of the heart of the tool (metrics, reconciliation, nomenclatures, etc.)
  • Implementation of output connectors

Additionally, to ensure business line uptake, we conducted three developments:

  • Initial use cases conducted as AB tests with the aim of measuring increments and cannibalisation
  • Audience discovery phases to capture audience volumes and potential
  • Training in the tool and in steering audience-based strategies



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