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Resolving anomalies and defining data-driven reading grids for business lines
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Marketing Technologies
E-commerce player and an IT services provider

With marketing information systems being shared at a market level, bugs and technical errors with implementations and reading results are commonplace. These also prevent the business lines from adopting data-driven marketing. Data first needs to be secured and understood to be able to conduct data-driven marketing strategies with peace of mind.


We operate at several levels to identify and correct these errors:

  • During the project phase, we adopt rigorous acceptance processes and "get our hands dirty" to help our client’s correct problems, rather than merely identifying them.
  • During the run-in phase, we're vigilant about any regressions that might appear over time, for example by implementing automated verification processes on certain key control points.

In addition to projects, we're regularly asked to work on tool implementation audits, particularly if our customers identify failures and can't determine their origins. We often bill for these services based on how successful they are, which the client is given free rein to determine.



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