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Data Marketing
Luxury goods industry

Social media is now widely used by advertisers from both a paid and free perspective. Building a group of followers allows them to have a special relationship with their core target. The various social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) provide access to diverse data on followers: social demographic criteria, geographic criteria, interest criteria, etc. This data can be analysed to build knowledge about an organisation's ability to meet targets and the division of efforts to make in order to progress further.

We analysed data from three social channels and helped our client to gain greater insight into its ability to:

Recruit new followers/fans for its various accounts

Target its sociodemographic and geographic core target

Utilise the potential available in each of these channels (by country and sociodemographic target)

This study was used to provide recommendations:

About the channels where recruitment efforts need to be prioritised

For each channel: about which countries require a greater recruitment effort (given the unexploited potential)


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